Strategic Business Alliance Concluded with SimTops Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a strategic business alliance with SimTops Inc., the developers of the on-site report digitalization solution 'i-Reporter', as of January 30, 2024. Our ultra-high-speed, high-accuracy OCR solution 'EdgeOCR' will be implemented on the 'i-Reporter', the No.1 domestic share (※1) on-site report digitalization solution provided by SimTops Inc., and will be offered as a new feature of i-Reporter. Moving forward, both companies will leverage their respective assets to develop and provide functions that contribute to solving the challenges faced by various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and retail. (※1) Published by Fuji Chimera Research Institute on August 8, 2023 '2023 SX/GX Realizing Sustainability/ESG Support Related Market Current Status and Future Outlook Section II-A-10 On-site Report Paperless Solution Market Share 48.4%'
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