Recommendation Engine

AI engine that can learn evaluation criteria for specific clusters and make recommendations and suitability judgments

Recommendation Engine


It can learn the evaluation criteria of a specific individual or a specific cluster and create an AI with the value criteria and preferences of that individual/cluster. As a recommendation and suitability judgment service, it can be used for customer service and sales promotion promotions in physical stores and e-commerce.

Use Cases


Judging the suitability of eyeglasses We have developed an AI that can judge the degree of suitability of glasses by learning the evaluations of thousands of store clerks. This AI can determine the degree of suitability of a pair of spectacles after a virtual try-on. In this case, we combined the AI for judging face type and eyeglass type with the AI for judging eyeglass type to create a system that can recommend eyeglasses in a ranking format. This example shows how the AI can recommend glasses that suit a wearer's face in a ranking format.

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