Ultra-high-speed OCR of only 0.1 second on a smartphone

Text Detection Engine
Text Recognition Engine


OCR optimized for logistics operations. EdgeOCR is an OCR optimized for on-site work in logistics and other fields where conventional cloud-based OCR is not suitable. It accelerates logistics operations with its overwhelming speed of only 0.1 second on a smartphone and customized AI support for specific purposes.

Use Cases

<POINT> ▶ Ultra-high speed General cloud-based OCR recognizes documents via the cloud, so there is a time loss for each reading. On the other hand, EdgeOCR is able to achieve an overwhelmingly fast reading speed of only 0.1 second because the process is completed on the smartphone. ▶ Japanese can also be read EdgeOCR can read not only alphanumeric characters, but also Japanese characters, handwriting, and various fonts. ▶ Barcode reading EdgeOCR is equipped with a high-performance barcode scanner that can read both one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, so you can complete various types of input with a single smartphone. ▶ It can also be read by a handy terminal. Since EdgeOCR is provided as an SDK, it can be embedded in handy terminals and wearable devices as well as smartphones.

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